MechCommander 2

NameMechCommander 2
Create DateMarch 29, 2017
Last UpdatedMay 23, 2018



MechCommander 2 download on GameStand has been updated to make it easier to install and works better with newer versions of Windows.

The classic MechCommander Series was released for FREE by Microsoft

Intense Tactical Gameplay

In MechCommander 2, you command roving squads of enormous BattleMechs in real-time combat, where outsmarting the enemy is your key to victory. Hone your tactical combat skills in a quick skirmish, or show them off in campaign battles where range, sensors, and line-of-sight all play critical roles in your success.

Immersive, Fully 3D Environment

MechCommander 2 is fully 3D, with state-of-the-art terrain that you can manipulate to your advantage. Knock down trees, blow through walls, jump-jet onto cliffs, and step on things standing in your way to victory. Sensors, probes, and scouts become vital strategic elements when faced with varying geography and cunning enemies. Move from epic scale to up-close and personal with easy-to-use camera controls that give you the best view of the battlefield. Night missions add atmosphere and a new gameplay dimension.

Unfolding Story Line

MechCommander 2 offers more than just amazing gameplay — it draws you into the rich, 15-year tradition of the BattleTech® Universe. As a mercenary MechCommander, you'll fight for three of the most powerful noble houses in the vast Inner Sphere, becoming embroiled in a bitter struggle to change the balance of power in a region of space known as the Chaos March.

The Ebb and Flow of Battle

In MechCommander 2, you're not just fighting one battle, but an extensive, persistent campaign. Develop your team into the perfect fighting force: With each mission your 'Mech pilots gain skill, moving from fresh-faced metal jockeys to elite MechWarriors capable of handling the game's most dangerous 'Mechs. And dangerous these 'Mechs will be, as emerging weapon, armor, and other custom component upgrades always ensure that you're on the cutting edge of destruction.

Recover and Retaliate

In the heat of battle you can now request reinforcements to gain a tactical advantage. Repair trucks, minelayers, scout tanks, and more can be flown in during missions. Call in your salvage craft and the enemy you just pummeled is field-repaired, recycled and ready to use against its former commanders. Call in an air strike or artillery piece to press home the victory, or forestall defeat.

Create Your Own Missions

With the MechCommander 2 Mission Editor, you can easily create your own missions using the same tools employed by MechCommander 2 level designers. Create and trade missions with friends over the Internet and on fan Web sites.

Expanded Multiplayer

MechCommander 2 supports multiplayer for up to eight players and eight teams over the Internet on or a LAN. MechCommander 2 improves multiplayer play with new mission types and quick start features to speed setup.


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