GTA 5 Redux

NameGTA 5 Redux
Create DateMarch 28, 2017
Last UpdatedApril 5, 2018



A Complete Graphical Overhaul of GTA 5



100% re-written weather from scratch, no detail has been over-looked. All weather has been carefully crafted to provide a stunning sunrise/sunset, as well evening, night and day. All weathers are made to blend together naturally, and create an image that will leave you breathless.

All weathers are made to blend together naturally, and create an image that will leave you breathless.

  • Simulated global illumination.
  • Perfect shadow cascades, with extended distance and intensity.
  • Brand new timecycle modifiers providing stunning tonemapping for both 3rd and 1st person views.
  • Lowered and re-configured fog for natural, yet revealing landscapes with a perfect atmospheric touch.
  • Lowered lens artifacts, removed chromatic aberration, noise, and environmental blur for a clean view.
  • Added brand new motion blur, DOF effects, and additional bokeh, for that picture perfect look.
  • Newly added volumetric lighting for all times of day.
  • Brand new weather particle effects, including totally original atmospheric mist/fog, pollen particles, dust, and wind debris.
  • Individually crafted direct light for each and every body of water in the game. Providing the best looking water to date!
  • More location based timecycle edits to give that custom touch to specific area’s in the city and country side.
  • Limited city light pollution for night time.
  • 100% custom cloud hats, cycles, and colors.
  • Additional color correction and postfx applied to each weather separately, to allow for the perfect balance.
  • Brand new hbao settings, removing odd light bubbles and other bugs.
  • Corrected coronas with a brand new texture, thresholds, and exposure limits.
  • Increased and fine tuned global reflections.


Only the best that ReShade has to offer. Perfect color correction, bloom, tone mapping , and more...
15+ ReShade options to customize the look of the game the way you want!

Presets include: Redux original, Redux light, The LUT, POV style, ULTRA V1, ULTRA V2, ULTRA V3, Filmic, Deep & Rich, Dark & Realistic, Who’s blue? AND MORE!

Perfect color correction, bloom, tone mapping , and more…

Alternate presets in older versions of ReShade for those who cannot runReShade 2.0.

  • Altered sky intensity, sun intensity and colors, star visibility, moon colors, chrome reflections, vehicle metal and glass reflections, wheel and rim reflections, vehicle front and back light.
  • intensity, spot intensity, water reflections and light sprites, all through the use of the ENB external shader.
  • Alternate guide to even further custom the look of your game through the provided enb and reshade shaders.


New stunning 4K textures that drastically improves the look of GTA 5.

  • Brand new, real life, company textures for billboards, commercial vehicles, trailers, bus stops, and taxi ads.
  • Roads! – (mostly) All road textures are being replaced, with 100% custom normal and specular map textures. Including road damages, cross walks, sidewalks, curbs, barriers, and more.
  • Brand new damage overlay texture.
  • New textures for all ground debris, including pop bottles/cans, newspapers, letter scraps etc.
  • Muzzle flash, tracers, debris and other destructive/weapon related textures.
  • Brand new vehicle dirt textures.
  • Altered all headlight textures, removing the old and ugly yellow light with more natural colors.
  • Custom ground and rock for large parts of the countryside.
  • 4k textures: Plants, tree’s, bushes, grass, fire, explosions, particle effects, water, clouds, sky dome, and more!


Beautiful visual effects that make the game feel a little more realistic.

  • Greatly increased particle count for all related effects.
  • All environmental particle effects are now active.
  • Ground debris blows with natural force.
  • Leaves fall from tree’s, bushes, shrubs, and palms with much more consistency.
  • Paper and garbage blow from trash trucks at a higher rate and density.
  • Water splash effects manipulated for more realistic reactions.
  • All tire and wheel effects have been altered and increased. (water, mud, dirst, dust, grass, burnout, blood, etc)
  • Fully altered blood effects. Larger entry and exit wound blood spurts.
  • Altered blood animations for improved speed, and spread.
  • Adjusted the color of all blood particles for a more natural appeal.


GTA 5 Redux is more than just a graphics overhaul.

  • Brand new handling for EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE IN THE GAME! (Including heli’s, planes, boats, etc)
  • Corrected suspension and weight of vehicles.
  • Adjusted top speed, gear ratio’s, and drive inertia.
  • Modified all damage and deformation limits to provide amazing crashes.
  • New brake force and drift capabilities.
  • New tire friction and traction when on different surfaces. (pavement, dirt, grass, wet/dry, etc.)
  • Increased headlight distances, for both low beam and high beam.

Police System

  • 100% re-configured wanted sytem, allowing for 5 star military with tanks, 4 star fbi, 3 star swat, and more!
  • New, previously un-used law enforcement vehicles added to dispatch. (helicopters, military vehicles, tanks, undercover etc.)
  • Officers and military now have new tactics and skill, more advanced weapon load outs, new ai capabilities, and more!
  • Female police added to dispatch, as well as other previously un-used character models.

Weapons, Melee, Explosions & Damage

  • Brand new weapon recoil for realistic weapon feedback.
  • New rate of fire for all weapons, close to real life counter part.
  • Much farther weapon distance, with realistic bullet speeds, and drop distance. (hardly noticeable but just right)
  • New reload times, animations, and proper ammo/clip sizes.
  • Much farther lock on distance, bullets are now a projectile instead of instant hit.
  • All rockets travel much farther, and will not detonate unless they make contact within 800 meters.
  • Brand new weapon smoke, muzzle flash, and barrel trail effects, for both the player and ai.
  • All aerial vehicles with rockets, fire them at a near semi-auto rate.
  • New blast radius for explosions, including damage limits, shock wave distance and power.
  • Melee fighting has been improved to allow enemies to counter more, take more damage, throw faster punches and dodge.
  • All playable characters are now 70% MORE likely to punch, rather than kick.
  • Peds and enemies can now take more bullets! Shots from behind are no longer instant kill (unless head-shots).
  • Some materials can now be shot through (thin wood, thin metal, plants, drywall, plastics etc.

Population, Random Events & Pedestrian Ai

  • 100% re-configured population levels, with options to customize to your liking.
  • Brand new pedestrian spawning, adding story-line characters into the natural population.
  • More and varying police now spawn on the streets and hunt down criminals! Watch out!
  • Fluctuating population levels between different times of day and location.
  • Brand new vehicle spawning, and the addition of all dlc vehicles into the sopawn cycles.
  • Now see up to 8 police cars with helicopters chasing down ai criminals in the city!
  • Random events and crime happen much more frequently.
  • Highly increased scenario pedestrians to add more life to the city! (drinking, eating, walking dogs, jogging, hiking, general activity, etc).
  • All pedestrians react much different, with much larger variation. Depending on the individual you approach, reactions will different.
  • Ai handles car crashes, popped tires, violence, destruction and death, while behind the wheel, different. Enjoy the Shocking reactons!
  • Trains now travel much faster!



  • Brand new handling for EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE IN THE GAME! (Including heli’s, planes, boats, etc)
  • Corrected suspension and weight of vehicles.
  • Adjusted top speed, gear ratio’s, and drive inertia.
  • Modified all damage and deformation limits to provide amazing crashes.
  • New brake force and drift capabilities.
  • New tire friction and traction when on different surfaces. (pavement, dirt, grass, wet/dry, etc.)
  • Increased headlight distances for both low beam and high beam.

Ragdoll, Euphoria, Physics

  • Brand new ragdoll and euphoria effects similar to GTA 4 with a custom twist.
  • Bullet victims now react with realistic movement and reactions, reaching for injured area’s and stumbling and falling naturally.
  • Majority of bullet force removed to allow natural looking ragdoll collapse.
  • Falling peds now gravitate towards any and all objects to help them stay up.
  • Flag and cloth physics have been slightly altered to provide smoother movement.
  • Vehicle crashes now react as they should, vehicles move and collide with natural laws of gravity and reactions.
  • Wind physic reactions of all plants has been drastically altered to provide realistic motion.


  • Removed flashing from all “pick-up” objects (cash, wallets, all weapons, armor etc), and replaced cash with leather wallets!
  • A player can fall from a higher distance before going ragdoll and taking damage on impact.
  • Player motion capabilities have been slightly improved to allow more automatic traversal of small objects and ledges.
  • Plant density dramatically increased. (plants are spaced differently and color toned differently as well)


VideoDownload ( [EU]Download ( [US]Download ( [EU]Download 
GTA5_REDUX_V1.3.torrentDownload ( [EU]Download ( [US]Download ( [EU]Download (Google Drive)Download 
GTA5_REDUX_v1.2.1.torrentDownload ( [US]Download (Google Drive)Download 
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  1. Steven DS Avant-Garde

    5,5h download with 165kb/sec. – omg!
    I could download with 26.000 kB/sec but can’t find another mirror.
    I hope redux will work this time. The older Version never runs right although i followed every instruction Manual or Video… Redux was my reason to buy GTA V.

    1. William Satamo

      you know the best thing to do is delete the mod and hope they make gta 6 look better then this mod that way we don’t have to struggle with modders and there run around mods

      1. Valerys

        I finished the game without mods in third person and now after more than a year wanted to replay it in first person and the graphics don’t always keep up in the fps mode. I already got that folder from another nice guy on Steam.

  2. William Satamo

    the torrent is a blank file with a bunch of stupid letters, that’s “really useful” and the zip takes 5 hours to download literally 5 hours! and I have 300mb download I feel sorry for people with anyless then that….its to much of a pain to get this mod its not worth the problems because for one when you do get it the mod works for a few days then goes corrupted or makes you delete your native trainer so it will stop crashing befor the game loads you in its overall a really bad setup mod works and looks good but the struggle isn’t worth it in the end

    1. BlestApollo

      I have a three day download, on day two in a few hours. Is the mod really worth all this pain? And, does it actually corrupt that quickly? At least if it does, I’ll know to blame it on this!

  3. Ivan

    I can’t even download it because of you “link shortner” which just open an *annoying* ad that prevents me from downloading it…. fix it please, the older one don’t work anymore

    1. Iron Shredder

      If you installed it in the “mods” folder in the game’s root directory, then all you need to do is open the ASI Manager in OpenIV and uninstall the first two things. If you installed it in the root directory (hopefully you didn’t), then you’re just going to have to undo everything in the walk-through.

  4. Andreas Gerl

    Hello, I have the GTA 5 PC version on 7 DVDs. Just installed according to instructions. Nevertheless, GTA always freezes at the start. Multiple GTA completely re-installed. It just does not work. Windows 10 Pro x64, GTX 1070, 32GB RAM, Intel i7 7700K. Does somebody has any idea?

  5. Iron Shredder

    Hello. I both met the requirements for installing this mod and followed all of the instructions as presented in the installation guide. When I try to run the game in Story Mode, it loads for a moment and then crashes every time. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Is anyone else here having this issue, and does somebody know how to fix it? If so, please tell me what I’m doing wrong because I really want to see this amazing piece of work in action. Thank you in advance.

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