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Version History
Track changes made to Goldeneye:Source since its original version.

Version 5.0

Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:41 pm
New Version

Version 4.2.1

Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:44 am
Changelog Pending

Version Beta 4

Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:24 am
This is a very high level list of changes. There has been uncountable numbers of optimizations, changes, tweaks, and additions to Beta 4 since Beta 3.1.4. This list is by no means complete and captures the major changes that will be seen by the average player.

Added: Replaced LUA with Python for Gameplay Scenarios
Added: Achievement progress report. Connecting clients transmit their achievement status to the server and the server compiles a string of achievement ids the client has achieved that is sent to server plugins via the event message "achievement_progressreport"
Added: CVar ge_armorrespawntime [seconds]
Added: CVar ge_itemrespawntime [seconds]
Added: CVar ge_dynamicarmorrespawn [1/0] and ge_dynamicarmorrespawn_scale [float]
Added: CVar ge_dynamicweaponrespawn [1/0] and ge_dynamicweaponrespawn_scale [float]
Added: CCommand ge_gameplayreload [gameplayident (opt)] to reload the current gameplay from disk rather then cache (useful for testing python gameplay)
Changed: Reimplemented the radar to send player positions separately with precision of 10 units to reduce net traffic
Fixed: Several minor memory leaks
Removed: CVar ge_dynamicrespawn and ge_dynamicrespawn_scale


Added: Rolling Explosions
Added: Bullet Penetration (Applies to AR33, CMag, RCP90, Moonraker, Automatic Shotgun, Silver PP7, and Bishop Sniper Rifle)
Added: Player spawning is done in an intelligent manner with players spawning in the "least-populated" spawn point to prevent spawning in the middle of a firefight
Changed: Re-added duck jumping back in with substantial improvements over Valve's method (NOTE: You don't unduck until you land)
Changed: Slowed down normal walking speed a little to correspond with GE64
Changed: Modified Invulnerability. If another player attacks an invulnerable player for greater damage then the original attack, the difference is applied and the victim receives additional invulnerability.
Changed: Reduced delay of Cougar Magnum firing
Changed: Modified some weapon damages and accuracy settings
Changed: Bigger emphasis on teamplay
Fixed: Reordered several events that occur pre and post rounds to properly display scores
Fixed: When players spawn, if all spawn points are occupied the left over players will be kept in observer mode until a spawn point is made available preventing "telefragging"

Gameplay Scenarios

Added: Capture The Key
Added: Living Daylights
Added: Live And Let Die
Added: Gun Game
Changed: All other scenarios were adapted to python with no changes to their basic gameplay
Fixed: YOLT round end conditions

Client / HUD / VGUI

Added: Level Music Player
Added: Gameplay Help Popup Menu
Added: Weapon Set Popup Menu (with images!)
Added: Fade to black and "Press Start" screen on death
Added: Fade in from black and viewpunch on respawn (as in N64)
Added: Breath Effect (subtle movement while standing still)
Added: Ability to disable heat wave and dynamic light of rolling explosions
Added: HTML window is back and stylized for plugins to use. Standard HL2 command syntax applies.
Added: Goldeneye-style third-person character animations.
Added: Many particle effects to maps, weapons, and gameplays.
Added: Impact effect for projectile weapons that hit concrete, wood, or tile
Changed: Teamplay HUD score display
Changed: Teamplay scoreboard display
Changed: When Fast Weapon Switch is enabled it will show the name of the weapon in the lower right that you currently hold (for a couple seconds)
Changed: View bob while running
Changed: Allow picking of separate models per each character (in addition to skins)
Fixed: Sticking in the wall while walking, also known as viewmodel jitter
Fixed: Character select lighting of player model
Fixed: Character select scrolling
Fixed: After action report not displaying proper teamplay/gameplay information if it changed between rounds
Removed: Typing !weapon and !help into chat was removed in lieu of the gameplay help popup

Sound / Music

Added: Goldenzen's Pieces (Aztec, Casino, SOP, Always Better, Bunker, Library, Streets, Facility Alternate, Cradle Alternate)
Added: Caverns music by Basstronix and Sole Signal
Added: Shaken and Stirred by Sole Signal
Added: Aztec music by Basstronix
Added: New menu music by Goldenzen and Basstronix
Added: Rolling explosion sound effect
Added: New weapon sounds (Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Moonraker)
Added: Gameplay sounds (LALD, LD, Capture The Key)
Changed: Body Armor pickup sound
Changed: Weapon sounds (ZMG, Klobb, CMag, PP7, Moonraker, DD44, D5K, Phantom, Shotguns)

Level Design

Added: ge_aztec
Added: ge_caverns
Added: ge_facility_backzone
Added: ge_silo
Added: ge_basement
Added: ge_facility_classic
Changed: ge_archives
Changed: ge_facility
Changed: ge_runway
Changed: ge_cradle


Added: Female Scientist
Added: Alec Trevelyan
Added: Custom third person animations for all weapons (except grenade, throwing knifes, and cougar magnum because the HL2MP anims fit just fine)

Version Beta 3.1

Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:29 pm
Beta 3.1 Patch Info" width="16" height="16" class="bbc_img
Containing around 30+ fixes in it, this is no small patch. In terms of increasing an already stable game, this is a big concentrated effort to root out the small lingering bugs and streamline some of our implementations. It's a big reward for everyone, and servers should become more successful for you guys to enjoy!

Beta 3.1 hilights :

* Fixed mp_timelimit 0 and ge_roundtime 0, they function as they should to disable the time limits.
* Fixed Grenade blocking you when trying to walk over it
* Fixed spectators blowing up proximity mines
* Fixed random weaponset and added "random_loadout" set which sets a new defined loadout randomly every Round
* Added gameplay cvar
ge_gameplay_mode [0/1/2]
0 = no change
1 = ordered from the list
2 = random from the list
This "list" is defined in gameplaycycle.txt for serverhosts

*Disabled crouchjumping (due to hitboxes moving unfairly erratic while using this jump method)
*Increased jump height to access rails/crates
*Decreased "camping" consideration time (when you are stationary and become a red dot on radar)
* When you first pickup a weapon it will be equipped fully loaded with as much ammo as you have for that weapon (instead of the default clip size, usually 10 rounds)
* Moved the death music client side and is toggleable with the "Disable Special Cue Music" advanced multi option
* Added HLStatsX server messages for player hurt and gun fired
* Proxy mines can now be exploded if THROWN OBJECTS PASS THEM WITHIN RANGE!
Thrown objects include:
- TKnifes
- Grenades
- Any mine
*Added 12 new achievements PLUS tweaked some existing achievement conditions to be fair in all gameplay modes.

The complete changelog to be shown when the patch is released! (make sure to check the changelog on the release thread and wiki tomorrow for all your information needs) Thanks for following our mod, get people involved on our forums today!

A little bonus for the crew responsible for the mod was coded in right after beta 3 went out the door and we figured since you will see the evidence why not explain it! Developers and Beta testers now have pimped klobbs for first person/view models. Self explanitory in the pictures, Devs are golden, Testers are black. Bear in mind this is bound to Steam ID as is the new scoreboards listing of "DEV" or "BT" which identifies official GE:S crew members in any server. No longer can people fool you! Check the scoreboard for the truth, friends.

**Notice :The DEV/BT klobbs are not different in any way except visually**

p.s Not all devs were quick enough, forgive "kinky" as he is a DEV ; if you see him in-game without a golden klobb pretend he has one, our hearts go out to him.

Aside from the release of this patch tomorrow, we have begun steaming towards beta 4 and it is looking like up to Four maps may be through our pipeline in time!

* Facility_Backzone [will definitely make it!]
* Caverns
* Silo
* Surface
* Citadel [Bonus map]

Assorted WIP Teaser screenshots

Remember lastly that on the horizon is the game-mode ViashinoCutthroat has utilized using our great LUA based gameplay system. Long conceived but written only just this week, Live and Let Die is looking really great and with a few additions to beef up immersion and playability, will likely be coming out well before beta 4 as a patch of its own.

Team GoldenEye: Source

Version Beta 3.0.1

Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:19 am
No changelog available

Version 1.1

Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:09 pm
No changelog available