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Postal 2: Share the Pain Multiplayer

All the multiplayer Postal 2 action for free. Forget what you know about first person shooters. Walk a week in the Postal Dude´s shoes. Freely explore full 3D open-ended environments, investigate every house and building, but watch out--the occupants may not be happy to see you! Interact with over 100 unique NPCs including Gary Coleman, marching bands, dogs, cats, terrorists, librarians, and more. Postal 2: Share The Pain is all about choice: experiment with everyone and everything, and remember... it´s only as violent as you are.
Postal 2: Share The Pain compounds the insanity by adding outrageous multiplayer modes. The unique map designs will have you setting traps, running for cover and launching ambushes at will.


14 maps
25 playable characters
11 weapons
4 game types
Snatch: featuring the Postal Babes! Snatch the enemy´s babe and score
Grab: 10 bags, each makes you stronger than the last
Deathmatch: Choose from 25 characters including the Gimp and Gary Coleman
and Team Deathmatch: Choose from 19 outrageous teams including Team Taliban and The Rednecks.
customizable game settings
full-fledged level editor

free the multiplayer version of Postal 2: Share the Pain, the multiplayer expansion to their controversial FPS Postal 2. Share The Pain contains 14 multiplayer maps, 25 playable characters, 11 crazy weapons and 4 different gametypes.

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Downloads 410
Homepage: runningwithscissors.com/
Version: 1409X
Licence: Free
Developer(s): Running with Scissers
Size: 600MB
Genre: First Person Shooter
Mode: Multiplayer
Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:21 am